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The Alien Encyclopedia version 6 released!

Better late than never! I’ll keep things short: I am immensely pleased to able to tell you that version 6 of the Encyclopedia is released and available on the “”Releases” page of this blog! This version adds complete coverage on … Continue reading

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IMPORTANT: Original version 3 lacked the comments, now replaced with complete version!

Yesterday, I discovered that I accidentally released version 3 of the Alien Encyclopedia without comments. I’ve now replaced the old version 3 with a new file featuring the comments, which you can find in the Releases section of the blog. … Continue reading

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Back…with a vengeance: The Alien Encyclopedia version 3 released!

First, I must apologize for the lack of updates recently. Real life struck hard and did not leave me much time for the Encyclopedia. However, the project was far from forgotten, and I am happy to be able to end … Continue reading

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The Alien Encyclopedia version 2 released!

The title says it all! I’m happy and proud to give you the second release of the Alien Encyclopedia, less than three months after the release of the first version. This release contains detailed entries for the equipment used in … Continue reading

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Alien Encyclopedia v0.1 released

It took longer than expected but here is the first release of the Alien Encyclopedia. Thanks goes out to Scott Middlebrook for proofreading! The Alien Encyclopedia (v0.1)

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