Welcome to the official blog of the Alien Encyclopedia! This site is the home of an ongoing project to provide a comprehensive guide to the fictional universe from the Alien movies, comics, novels and video games. I started this project in 2011, and it goes without saying that this is a labour of love, from a dedicated fan.  Visit this place for updates and new releases!

The Encyclopedia is essentially designed to be a book project, as opposed to a wiki. So if you download an Encyclopedia release, you will have everything you need in one offline document, similar to Nathan Butlers Star Wars Timeline. I chose this approach for several reasons. First is what I just mentioned, the advantage of not having to access a website, where the content is scattered across a complex site structure. I know that we live in an age where the difference between online and offline blurs more and more, especially with the advent of cloud services. However, with this changes goes a great amount of volatility. Information is constantly removed, added and edited.

While I am a big fan of the wiki concept (I must have spent countless hours on Wikia sites like the famous Wookieepedia or Wikitroid), I didn’t feel it was right for something called “Encyclopedia”. Encyclopedias are books, fixed compilations of information. I love encyclopedias since childhood, and I was always fascinated with books that presented themselves as vast and complete vaults of content you could lose yourself for hours and hours. But I don’t wan’t to bore you with nostalgia. In the end, there are many similarities between encyclopedias and wikis, down to the major  appeal of browsing. I don’t really want to take sides with this, it’s just a matter of preference.

What it ultimately comes down to is that I often wished to download a wiki and perhaps even print it out and place it in my bookshelf. With the Alien Encyclopedia, you can do just that. Sure, this project is also subject to constant updates, so you might want to save the paper for a while. But one day, this project will come to an end, and when this day comes, I hope to have created a guide as complete and reliable as possible. And when someone, just one person, will then decide to print this one for physical storage, I will be a very happy person… and until then, I hope you will enjoy following this project and seeing it grow and expand.

3 Responses to About

  1. Rich says:

    Very cool idea,…theres alot of info to take into consideration from all the Aliens films,comics ,games …sighh GL!

  2. Yasin says:

    From one Alien fan to another, thank you for sharing this. Future generations must learn about truly good sci-fi.

  3. Darrell C says:

    Hi! Thanks for all your blood, sweat, and tears over the Encyclopedia! And thanks for following my blog!

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