The Alien Encyclopedia version 5 released!

At last, I present you with the newest version of the Alien Encyclopedia! Version 5, dubbed the “Colonial Marines Update”, consists of, you already guessed it, complete coverage of the Aliens: Colonial Marines video game, excluding the Stasis Interrupted DLC, which will be featured in version 6. Say what you will about the game, but it nevertheless adds a huge chunk of Aliens lore to the canon. For instance, you get to know the USCM (and Weyland-Yutani) arsenal of weapons on a scale rivalled only by the Colonial Marines Technical Manual. Other exciting information include new Xenomorph species such as the Spitter and Weyland-Yutani’s post-Aliens attempts to exploit the Derelict.

Initially, I thought this update would be much smaller than the previous, Prometheus-themed version. And regarding the time it took to write the content, it was true. Content was locked only a month after the release of version 4. So why is it released only now? Well, real life, what else? I moved houses in May and took part in a three-month advanced education program. And besides, after the writing spree for version 5, I REALLY needed a break. But I digress. It turned out that the page count of new material in version 5 became only slightly smaller than that for version 4. This version features almost 50 pages of new content, increasing the total page count to over 190. In addition to new and expanded entries, the Encyclopedia now also boasts a new scale chart with all the Xenomorph species introduced in Colonial Marines.

Thanks again go out to Frans Hattingh for proofreading. I actually was quite satisfied with this version after my own first proofreading. Luckily, Frans proved me wrong by doing and amazing job rooting all the mistake I missed. Thank you so much!

So what else is left to say? Go get version 5 on the Releases page! Oh, and don’t forget to visit the AE page on Facebook for the newest update on the Encyclopedia!

P.S.: Fun trivia I just discovered: Version 5 is released exactly eight months after version 4.

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  1. Darrell C says:

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    Another edition of ‘The Alien Encyclopedia’, a fan effort to compile and give context to the ever-growing world begun in 1979 with ‘Alien,’ Ridley Scott’s sf-horror masterpiece. Check it out!

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