Update: A break from the Alien Encyclopedia, but no delay

Okay, update time!

Content for version 5 is locked and finished. However, it won’t be released for a while since I have to take some time off of the Alien Encyclopedia. As I have stated before on Facebook, I was in a writing frenzy for the last month, and it’s beginning to show. I mean, when I fall asleep and something unrelated to Alien (like, for example,  the Gekko from Metal Gear Solid 4) comes to my mind and I automatically do a mental check if it’s already in the AE, I think it’s a sign to lay low for a while.

So, will there be a delay? Actually, no. Quite the contrary, that the content for version 5 is locked a mere month after the release of version 4 is, if anything, a sign that I have been working at a breakneck pace.  What I will do now is basically just doing something else in my free time for a while. Just to keep me from going crazy 😉

…and there’s still one thing I want to do for version 5 that I want to take my time with. I hope it works out, but no promises made. Don’t ask what it will be if it comes together, it’s a surprise!

About mfriebe

Creator & Writer of the ongoing Alien Encyclopedia project.
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