The Alien Encyclopedia version 4 released!

Good things take time.  I planned to release this one way earlier, but again, real life interfered. However, the waiting is over:  Version 4 is released at last! So what’s new? Short answer: A lot. In my release post for version 3, I wondered if I could top the page count of the new content with this one.  Little did I know…

Version 4 features almost 50 new pages of content, featuring complete coverage of Prometheus and its entire media campaign. Dubbed the “Prometheus Update”, I am pleased and confident to say that this is the definitive guide to all things Prometheus. But that’s not all: In addition to the new encyclopedia entries, version 4 boasts an entirely new third Appendix consisting of exclusive Alien-themed scale charts! So, in addition to the new text, there’s some nice eye candy to take along with. Further changes include a rewritten preface, revised and updated reference lists and some other, minor stuff.

I have some great people to thank for making this version possible, and it’s seems, it’s getting more and more people with every release. And that’s a great thing! Regarding the textual side, Frans Hattingh returned to take up the proofreading.  Of course, I wasn’t surprised at all by the fact that he did an awesome job, pointing out flaws from the subtle to the downright Freudian and going out of his way to report inconsistencies in style and also some errors in lore. The Alien Encyclopedia would not have been same (and much worse) without him. To top it off, he’s a really nice guy, and I’m proud that I could again rely on his help.

I know that it’s an overused phrase, but the scale charts for the new Appendix would not have been possible without a bunch of really great artists who gave their kind permission to have their work incorporated as silhouettes. These are: Mike Brown (, Samantha ( and Space Jockey ( Thanks to all of you!

So, what’s left to say? Go grab it on the Release page! I hope you enjoy the fourth version of the Alien Encyclopedia. Wanna leave feedback? By all means, do so! Leave a comment on the blog or pay the Encyclopedia a visit on Facebook!

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Creator & Writer of the ongoing Alien Encyclopedia project.
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