Second update for April 2012: Writing on version 3 finished

Okay, I’ve been working full steam on version 3, even putting my other personal writing projects on the backburner in the process. It was exhiliarating and exhausting at the same time. Exhiliarating because of the crapload of new Prometheus info that came out recently. As far as it concerns me, this is promotion as it should be: Advertising your product while still providing worthwile stuff for the fans that even expands on the existing universe. The TED conference, the Weyland Industries website, the diagrams, the David 8 spots – all great items that have found their way into version 3 of the Encyclopedia. Exhausting because it was hard to keep track with the flood of new information sometimes and because there were so many tiny details to consider, like patent numbers.

I’m taking a short break before the proofreading, but you can expect a new “A Word About…” article about Original Sin soon. In any case, version 3 will be released before Prometheus. Version 4 will contain basic Prometheus coverage and information from the DNA War novel, with the Expanded Universe stuff from the Colonial Marines Technical Manual being an option.

About mfriebe

Creator & Writer of the ongoing Alien Encyclopedia project.
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