March update

I took a short break after finishing version 2, but work is now fully underway on version 3 of the encyclopedia. Right now, I’m busy incorporating the corporate timeline from, which also changes many existing entries in the process. On a personal note, I have to say that the timeline is very interesting and a goldmine of canon information. The only problem I see may be the dates regarding the discovery of LV-426, but I’ll have to look into this in detail to say for sure.

Of course, I take this opportunity to address the crapload of new things Prometheus that flooded onto the net recently, mainly the two full trailers. Generally, I have to say that the trailers give a good outline of the story, but not enough to pinpoint definitve facts. So I’ll wait until the movie comes out before I even touch it. As an Alien geek, I noticed that the stone pyramid looks suspiciously like the unused “egg silo” concept by Giger, only made of… well, stone. I also can’t help but thinking of the Destroying Angels comic when looking at what we know about the plot and themes of Prometheus. In both works, we have traces of extraterrestrial involvement on Earth that points humanity to a Space Jockey artifact that gives it more than it bargained for. Also, the general feel seems similar to me.

In any case, these are exciting times for Alien fans. Even if the Xenomorph won’t show up, so what? I think we had enough shenanigans with the creatures in novels, comics and video games, so it’s refreshing to see something different that still adds to the universe and only makes it richer in the process.

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