Major change in release structure

I decided to restructure the release pattern of the Alien Encyclopedia. While this may sound severe, it’s actually good news, both for you and me. But let me explain.

As you all know, at the present, the Encyclopedia releases are given version numbers akin to those used in developing computer programs. The thing is that this is an ongoing project which probably will never have a v1.0 that would suggest that the project is finished.  Of course, one day, the project will be done for the time being, but hopefully, there will always be new content to add. Also, by announcing a v0.2, I burdened myself to deliver a hug amount of new content to differentiate the new release from v0.1 according to the step forward in version number, relative of the total amount of content left to be inlcuded. Here, I underestimated the mass of content that’s already been added to the new version and of the content that is still to be added. Now, I could release in smaller steps and retain the “program version number” model by naming them v1.1, v1.2 or even v1.12 and so on. But that would mean tiptoeing around to leave enough version numbers to achieve v1.0 one day, watering down the version numbers in the process. Because, come on, how long can you release updates like v0.3145 before it gets ridiculous?

The solution will be that of taking a cue from Nathan P. Butler’s Star Wars Timeline and release the Alien Encyclopedia with ongoing numbers instead. This way, I free myself of the shackles of the “computer program” version numbers and can justify smaller updates without being restricted to reflect them in the number. Now what does this mean exactly, you ask? It’s simple: The current encyclopedia v0.1 is now the Alien Encyclopedia version 1, while the next update will be Alien Encyclopedia version 2, and so on. For comparison, Nathan is at number 49 with his Timeline. The good news is that version 2 will come sooner than you think, while still adding a hefty amount of new content.  So stay tuned!

IMPORTANT: I updated the document and the Releases page to reflect the new release structure. However, you don’t have to download version 1 if you already have v0.1 as it has no new content.

About mfriebe

Creator & Writer of the ongoing Alien Encyclopedia project.
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