Another update

Now that the ruckus of setting thngs up has quieted down a bit, I can concentrate on working on v0.2 of the encyclopedia. In fact, I already have begun by writing the entry for the iconic M41A Pulse Rifle. Work takes up most of my time right now,  but the dust should settle shortly and more time for the encyclopedia will be available soon. However, as I want to make each new version count, don’t expect v0.2 next week or so. I also will set up a separate Commentary section in the document where I will explain my conjectures and give some additional behind-the-scenes information. But this section is not intended to regurgitate or replace the blog articles, so don’t worry if you enjoyed them – they will keep coming.

I also have read the Criminal Enterprise novel. Boy, this one had more sex in it than the entire first season of Game Of Thrones! Aside from that – which I really didn’t mind, it just kinda stuck out – its a rather straightforward in terms of plot consistency, which sets it apart from the almost schizophrenic No Exit. It is still almost impossible to place a definite date for Criminal Enterprise, butyou can at least narrow it down to own to three decades, whereas No Exit was all over the place. I also enjoyed the novel, even ifalmost everyone was a basically a prick. But I had no problems with that. It actually reminded me of the PC role playing game Gothic, where you as the main character also have a hard time with rough people. But that’s life!

That’s all for the moment. Expect a new behind-the-scenes article soon, and stay around for some new stuff that’s coming this way!

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