A Word About… Aliens Infestation (part 2)

Welcome back for the second part of my thoughts about Alien Infestation. In this article, I will cover some other topics besides the „egg question“, which you can read about in the first part.


  • Bishop’s role in Infestation

Aside from Infestation’s connections with Alien³ and Colonial Marines, there are also some unanswered questions solely concerning the plot of Infestation. For starters, why did the UPP strike force took Bishop out of the cryotube without bothering to awake Ripley, Hicks or Newt?  The story suggests that the strike team was attacked by the Xenomorph before they could finish their job. Alien³ is rather ambiguous whether Bishop was in his cryotube when the prisoners found him aboard the EEV, so it may be a possible outcome that the android was not in his cryotube when it crashed on Fiorina 161.
What’s interesting is that the whole beginning with the UPP arriving at the Sulaco, retrieving Bishop and getting attacked by Aliens resembles the Gibson script rather closely. But whereas the script goes non-canon when the UPP retreats, taking Bishop with them, Infestation follows canon, placing the arrival of the Sephora squad after the Sulaco had dropped off Ripley’s EEV near Fiorina 161 as there’s no mention in the game of Ripley and the others still being aboard the Sulaco.

  • The UPP

Another issue is the UPP presence on LV-426. Its observation post on the planetoid is not only a small collection of prefabricated buildings, it is a rather large complex partly dug into a mountain. The chronology of the events suggest that this installation was erected in roughly a month, maybe less, counting in the time the UPP needed to get the equipment to Acheron in the first place. In any case, it’s an awfully short time to get a facility of this size up and running. The Gibson script suggests that aside from a technological setback of about five years, the UPP is almost on equal footing with the United Americas. Also, the Gibson script states that the UPP operates at least one mile-long battle cruiser. I still tend to think that it is too short a time to pull this off, but it may be interpreted as an interesting hint at the UPP’s capabilities. Although the Gibson script is non-canon, it’s at least a valid resource about the UPP, which, with its appearance in Infestation, can now be treated as official canon.

  • The Derelict

Infestation is the first canon source aside from the Technical Manual to state that the Derelict has actually survived the obliteration of Hadley’s Hope in Aliens. The final fate of the Derelict is still to be revealed as Infestation does not tackle this subject; it’s just a location you get to visit briefly. Again, we may have to wait for Colonial Marines for a word about this. The Derelict has to be destroyed rather soon after Aliens to make the fact that Gedimen laments the Derelict’s destruction in the Alien Resurrection novel plausible, and that the lack of a source for Xenomorph eggs makes the cloning of Ripley necessary in the first place. I honestly see the problem rather on Resurrection’s side here, as Perez’ statement about Ripley’s success in eradicating the Xenomorph violated the canon first by ignoring several storylines in the comics, including the entire Earth-War saga.
What’s more important is that Infestation features a confrontation with a Space Jockey Alien inside the Derelict’s Pilot Chamber. First, the creature features a trunk as opposed to the trunk-less Jockey Alien from the Destroying Angels comic. But since the comic’s depiction in turn contradicts the Jockey’s appearance in the Earth War saga, I’ll table this for another article. The more pressing matter is this: Where does the Infestation hybrid come from in the first place? The intention was obviously to show what has developed from the dead Jockey in the pilot’s seat, but then I have to ask: Where was this  creature during the movies? My conjecture for this, which I’ll also incorporate in the Encyclopedia, is that the Jockey hybrid was in hibernation to be woken by the Atmospheric Processor’s explosion. Judging by the Pilot being fossilized in Alien, the creature has to be very old, and the human visits in Alien and Aliens may not have been enough to wake the hybrid. It seems to me the most reasonable explanation as other scenarios would require a great amount of assumptions for which there is no evidence.

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